Jaffa Cakes Teach The Phases of the Moon

Prep 7-13
Posted on: January 25th 2019

Form 1 show moon phases through jaffa cakes

Form One have been studying 'The Earth and Beyond' in their Science lessons.  The recent Super Wolf Blood Moon gave a great opportunity to discuss  the eight phases of the moon and the difference between a Lunar and a Solar Eclipse. The pupils worked out that they will be 28 years old when the next Super Wolf Blood Moon appears!

Following the 'serious' science behind the Moon Phases, pupils in 1LN were given the opportunity to show the phases using Jaffa Cakes. Some parents (age dependent!) may well remember the advert from the 1990s in which a primary school teacher teaches the moon phases by eating numerous Jaffa Cakes in front of her class. This time (under strict health and safety guidance) pupils  were allowed to participate as well.

Adrian Hathaway, Science

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