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Posted on: January 25th 2019

Spectacular Stars in their Eyes 2019!

Stars in their Eyes 2019 in Mem Hall

Stars in their Eyes 2019 was - once again - a hugely enjoyable event.  This year's show took place earlier than ever before, on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd January, just a few weeks into the new term, so it was with some trepidation the Mr Brooks announced auditions as he wondered whether anyone would have had the time to prepare pieces.  However, there was no cause for concern, as you can read in his article below:

"Before long, five cheerful, energetic Upper 6th girls turned up wanting to audition as the Spice Girls and their infectious laughter and fun immediately got the process off to a good start.  From there, Stars 2019 simply took off as act after act auditioned and were told, ‘wow, what a fantastic voice you have, yes please!’, with the result that we soon had many more than the usual 16 acts, and some tough decision needed to be made. 

With a cast up and running, Carl could now start his legendary transformation of the Mem Hall into the Stars venue.  He and his amazing team, ordered the set, built it in 2 days and before long had the lighting and sound all ‘plumbed in’.  Sunday is always a long but fun day as act after act comes in to ‘tech’ and to get used to using the space and performing rather than just singing.  With the technical advice of the staff (which of course includes Carl, himself a guitarist and Alex Swart-Wilson, an ex-grade 8 cellist), the acts learn how to use a mic and to express their songs.  Meanwhile, Carl and his amazing backstage crew (Emma Povey, Libby Haddow, Carissa Pham, Bali Slowe, Alex Ainsworth, Elizabeth Bichara, Dexter Jacoby and the irreplaceable Max Jacoby) are frantically setting the sound levels, repairing mics and plotting stage set ups for each act.  The judges too busy with the compere taking notes and watching the acts, thinking of the comments they are shortly going to have to make.

Sunday night ‘Dress’ is always great fun as we try and whizz through the whole night’s performance in just 2 hours.  Cast members as ever ‘hoot and holler’ in support of each other and the amazing ‘Stars atmosphere’ which always exists so naturally amongst the cast begins to grow and grow.  Finally at 2030, the last act finished the 3 staff and the backstage crew get together to discuss areas that need tweaking before Carl, as always the last one out, finally calls it a night.

Stars in their Eyes in Mem Hall 2019 Lit up stage for Stars in their Eyes 2019

Most of the rest of the story all those in the audience will know.  However, few know about the traditional motivational speeches in the FLB, given to the cast this year by U6th Giles Elliott as he exhorted the cast, in time-honoured fashion, to make the most of Monday night ‘for Tuesday comes and goes so quickly’ (a sea of excited faces tempered by the nerves they still feel)!  Few know about the sheer pleasure that the adults get from just watching the Stars of all ages in the gallery have so much pure, unadulterated fun and all the while interacting so supportively and unselfishly with each other, as they too ‘whoop and holler’ and support each fellow Star’s battle to overcome their nerves and give the performance of their lives.  Finally, few will know how genuinely all the acts congratulate the winners, once they are announced in the FLB, helping the winners to come to terms with both the delight and shock of having to perform again as one of this year’s two winners. 

So in short, Stars 2019, as you can probably tell……was once again as inspirational as ever to be part of.

Many thanks to all the College community from Carl, Alex and me for all your support for the two charities involved.  I know it means a lot to the charities to know that others out there are thinking of them.



  1. Harry B (Bastille)
  2. Imogen S (Taylor Swift)
  3. Heather C, Anna B, Ella S, Sonja Z, Nadja V (Spice Girls)


  1. Mille C (Amy Winehouse)
  2. Oliver L & Madeleine H (Daft Punk)
  3. Katie W (Radiohead)

Well done to all the performers!