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Posted on: February 22nd 2019

Stars in their Eyes cast 2019

On Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd January a fantastic array of musical acts, including Spice Girls, Radiohead, Daft Punk and Bastille,  took to the stage in an unrecognisable Mem Hall, for the annual talent show extravaganza, Stars in their Eyes. The Mem Hall was packed on both nights to watch the performers sing, dance and strum their hearts out and then vote for their favourite act of the night.

Duet in Stars in their Eyes 2019 Performers chatting with compere Stars in their Eyes 2019

Spice Girls on stage in Stars in their Eyes 2019

Stars judges viewing performers at Stars in their Eyes Trumpet in Stars in their Eyes 2019

Well done to the winners on both nights: 



  1. Harry B (Bastille)
  2. Imogen S (Taylor Swift)
  3. Heather C, Anna B, Ella S, Sonja Z, Nadja V (Spice Girls)


  1. Mille C (Amy Winehouse)
  2. Oliver L & Madeleine H (Daft Punk)
  3. Katie W (Radiohead)

Stars 2019 was once again an inspirational event to be part of.  Many thanks to all the College community from Carl, Alex and me for all your support for the two charities involved.  I know it means a lot to the charities to know that others out there are thinking of them.

Well done to all the performers!

Mr Brooks, Deputy Head

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