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Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: January 18th 2019

Digital Leaders Conduct Pupil Screen Time Survey

Senior School Digital Leaders Meeting with Jeremy Gladwin

Senior School Digital Leaders had a lunchtime meeting with the Headmaster, Dr O’Connor and Ms Daly this week to discuss the use of mobile phones around the College. The group were originally formed back in November to investigate how often pupils are using their phones each day, what they are using them for and what effect they are having on health and wellbeing. During the meeting, the Digital Leaders presented the results of the Pupil Screen Time Survey which they had conducted with pupils in their Houses. They shared their views on how mobile phones can be used as effective learning tools as well as discussing their experiences about how mobiles can impact personal wellbeing (both positively and negatively!).

Digital Leaders Meeting January 2019 Digital Leaders Discussing Screen Time with Jeremy Gladwin

The group have now been further briefed by Dr O’Connor to explore how technology can be used to improve teaching and learning in lessons and think about ways they can support all pupils in using their devices positively and responsibly. Subsequently, the Digital Leaders will be working in conjunction with senior teachers to agree on a balanced and productive approach to mobile phone use across the school.

Miss Brook, Digital Learning Support Advisor