Art Competition is a Hoot

Prep 7-13
Posted on: November 27th 2018

Prep school pupils with finished owl

The picture book benches outside the Prep School library will soon be joined by a large colourful owl, which was bought thanks to a generous donation from the Friends. The donation included paying for the artist and illustrator James Mayhew to come to the College on Monday 26th November to work with the winners of the House Art Competition to paint the owl.  The Art Competition involved the following brief, as set by the Art Department and the Library:

The wise owl: a celebration of the knowledge and wisdom acquired over 150 years of the College's history.

Two winners were selected from each House, one junior and one senior. Many congratulations to the ten winners, who enjoyed a creative day painting with James.

James mayhew and alice b with owl James mayhew with art pupils and owl

Prep School owl close up

James Mayhew paints Prep School owl Prep school artists painting owl with james mayhew

Painted Prep School owl from behind Completed owl in prep school art

As there were ten beautiful designs, but only one owl, James very skilfully worked with the pupils to select individual components from their designs to incorporate into a single design and then, in timed slots over Monday morning, the painting began. The end result, as you can see from the photos, is magnificent and the pupils, Miss Beckley and James should all be congratulated on their achievement.

James mayhew owl outside library 2

The owl now sits in pride of place in the outside library area. Please do come and see it!

Mrs Pike, Prep School Librarian

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