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Posted on: November 6th 2018

Form 2 are Curious for Knowledge

Form 2 pupil presents his Curiosity Club project Form 2 Curiosity Club in Prep School Library

The Form 2 members of Curiosity Club really took up the challenge to begin their journey along the Curiosity timeline as six pupils made their first presentations. The starting point for all of them ranged from 1090 to 770 BC and they tackled challenges from the History, Science, Culture, and Sport genres.

Eliza A’s video of introducing and hosting a chat show for Homer was slick and professional while Luke T’s  storytelling challenge of relating the tale of the Trojan Horse included his own narration as well as video and powerpoint interjections. Jemima B and Eva S had both picked the same challenge of Survival of the Fittest and the training exercises and routines they described necessary to compete in the Olympics in Ancient Greece left us all reeling.  Guy’s powerpoint and explanation of The History and Hazards of Static Electricity really was electrifying while Beth gave the final presentation of the week with a Bronze Age mind map showing where the Myceneans fit into the 3000 years of history.

Form 2 boy presents Curiosity Club project BSC 1728

Form 2 girls presenting their Curiosity Club projects Form 2 presentation of Curiosity Club project

It was a terrific start to this year’s activity club and we were delighted that Mrs Mullender, Chair of the Education Committee, was present to witness it all. The bar has been set high, but we look forward to some equally exciting presentations from Curiosity Clubbers in the weeks to come.

Rosie Pike, Prep School Librarian

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