Breakfast is Served!

Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: October 10th 2018

Sixth formers working at whitechapel mission

A few days after the Harvest Festivals a group of Sutton and Benson House Sixth Formers took part in the Whitechapel Mission Breakfast Challenge.  The students saw for themselves how our harvest gifts are used as they cooked, cleaned and served breakfast and hot drinks and distributed toiletries to clients. 

Sixth form students cooking at whitechapel mission

The students "spent the early hours preparing toast, sausages and other breakfast foods" which "included a mountain of bread, which we couldn’t possibly imagine would all be eaten. At 7.30am we started the rapid and exhilarating task of getting all the food served. Meeting the people brought mixed emotions; the diversity of the people really shocked us and it was a challenge to know how to respond to everyone. The majority of people who come to the Mission on a Sunday are men and their ages range anywhere between 18 and 77; they are from diverse backgrounds and a mixture of nationalities. Some wanted to talk about their experiences, whilst others remained silent. Some enjoyed seeing new faces behind the counters whilst others just concentrated on being in a warm, safe place with the chance of getting food and having somewhere to wash, shave, clean their teeth and comb their hair.  There was one man who stuck out in particular, because to earn the  money for his breakfast, he kept the dirty plates stacked up for us, the sides clean and had a wicked sparkle in his eye as he teased us while we served at the hatch. We all agree that we would love to go to the Whitechapel Mission again and that it was an amazing opportunity and one that will stay with us forever. Warm beds, hot water, companionship and food will never be taken for granted again".  Sophie A, Harry B, Hannah K, Millie S and Sophia W