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Posted on: October 10th 2018

College Community Celebrates Harvest

Food parcels for Whitechapel Mission after Harvest Festival Food parcels after Harvest Festival 2018

The whole College celebrated harvest during the first week of October, with Pre-Prep, Prep School and Senior School all holding Harvest Festivals in the Mem Hall. Leading up to the festivals, pupils brought in parcels of food for the Whitechapel Mission, including bags of toiletries, tins, pasta and pulses, sauces and soups.  By Friday, we had an allotment of groceries to pack into the trailer of Tony Miller from the Mission . Tony joked with the Prep School that at this time of year he covers hundreds of miles, gathering produce from all around the country in what he called, his ‘yearly shop’. Like the peasants of the pre-industrial age, Harvest is the main time of year when the Mission’s stores are restocked and have to last until the following year.

Ian Morris at Pre-Prep Harvest Festival Whitechapel Mission Representative at Harvest Festival

Head Boy & Head Girl with Harvest Offerings Food parcels after Harvest Festival 2018

Prep School pupils at Harvest Festival in Memorial Hall Prep School Harvest Festival in Mem Hall

Pre-Prep pupils in Mem Hall for Harvest Festival Pupils singing at Pre-Prep Harvest Festival