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Prep 7-13
Posted on: October 2nd 2018

Prep School Runners Take to the Fields

Prep School Marathon runners on top field

Cross country runners came out in force for the annual Prep School Marathon on Friday 28th September.  As always, it was a great day with lots of energy, high spirits and talent on show.  Well done to everyone who took part!


 Shell running in Prep School Marathon Prep School pupils running in cross country Marathon

Shell Girls 

1st: Ava I-W 

2nd: Emily PWinners with medals in Prep School Marathon

3rd: Faye L-A 

Shell Boys 

1st: Ethan H

2nd: Harrison K

3rd: Charlie W 

Overall Shell Scores

1st: Canterbury 

2nd: Durham 

Joint 3rd: Worcester & York 

Form 1 & 2

Westfield and Grimwade runners in Prep School Marathon Grimwade and Newbury in Prep School Marathon

Form 1 & Form 2 Girls

1st: Wanatsa D

2nd: Florence B

3rd: Eliza A

Form 1 & Form 2 Boys

1st: Eliyah U

2nd: Finnlay P

3rd: Manny R

Lower & Upper 3rd

Monk Jones & Westfield in Prep School Marathon Westfield and Grimwade runners in Prep School Marathon

L3rd & U3rd Girls 

1st: Meisha T-E 

2nd: Eva R 

3rd: Ciara MWinners in Prep School Marathon

L3rd & U3rd Boys 

1st: Miles L-T 

2nd: Tom B

3rd: Daniel I-O

Overall Scores

1st: Westfield 

2nd: Grimwade 

3rd: Newbury 

4th: Monk-Jones 


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