Senior School Rugby Players Try Hard for their House

Senior 13-16 +1 More Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: September 26th 2018

Hayward v rph in house rugby 2018 Rph playing against collett house rugby

Despite the poor weather, yet arguably good conditions for rugby, House Rugby was a great success this year, with a mixture of rugby players and non-rugby players playing for their House. With spirits high throughout the day, there were some great individual as well as team skills shown over the afternoon.

Congratulations to Robert Pearce House on winning both the Junior and Senior cup, thereby claiming overall House Rugby victory.

A huge thank you to the players, referees and coaches for organising the games and staying out in the rain all afternoon!

Results from House Rugby

Collet and rph junior teams for house rugby

Junior Competition:

  1. Robert Pearce House
  2. Collett House
  3. Hayward House
  4. Sutton House
  5. Rowe House

Senior sutton and rph teams house rugby finalists

Senior Competition:

  1. Robert Pearce House
  2. Sutton House
  3. Hayward House
  4. Rowe House
  5. Collett House

Well done everyone!

Andre Beukes, Director of Rugby

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