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Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: July 12th 2018

Spotting Kingfishers in the Wild

ducks on the pond Kingfisher portrait

On Wednesday 4th July a small group of Lower Sixth biologists travelled to the Rye Male reed bunting3Meads Nature Reserve along with Mr. Kirton and Mrs. Wheeler, in order to observe the wildlife that lives in the area. Armed with binoculars, we went searching for multiple species of birds in their various habitats, watching from small buildings at the sides of the areas (I believe they are called hides). Some notable examples of birds that we found included the kingfisher, which was hiding at the bottom of a tree, a heron, which was fishing in the water and many terns, which are quite possibly the loudest birds we had ever heard!

Overall, it was a great experience as we could experience the beautiful wildlife in habitats such as in the reeds on the margins of lakes and ponds, which are rapidly declining elsewhere in the UK, and as a result many of us are keen to return again in the future.

Jamie M, Lower Sixth