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Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: July 9th 2018

Final Splash of the Year for College Water Polo

Water polo

After an eventful season which bore witness to a significantly improving team, we played one final match against Bedford School on 28th June to round off the year.

It took a while for us to get into the game, with relatively few chances on goal in the first two periods. Despite this we managed to hold shut the flood gates for the meantime, conceding only 3 in the first 2 periods against a highly adept Bedford Team. In the second period we managed to claw our way back into it with a great effort from Ed S to beat the keeper from distance. This seemed to give us a new lease of life both defensively and offensively and we managed to match Bedford goal for goal in the remaining periods.

Sam S and Toby B both scored from fast counter attacking play in the third period, something that we had been training for in the preceding training sessions.  An assist from goal led to Ben B scoring the final goal which rounded off a positive game that saw us increase in confidence throughout the game, and holds us in good stead for the next season. Despite the score-line, this was a highly positive game and a performance that each of us can be proud of.

Man of the Match, Sam S, encapsulates the positive mental attitude of the team, making various long and tiring swims up and down the pool to support the defence and the attack. With this performance, which resulted in a goal, Sam will be hoping to make the jump from this season to the next in continuation of a series of superb performances. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with water polo this year, especially Mr Bauer and Mrs Huggett, who have worked hard to train us and get us fixtures to play in. We also say goodbye to a number of Upper 6th formers, Ciaran, Chester and myself, and we hand over the gauntlet to the next series of Upper 6th after a year that has seen an explosive resurgence in BSC water polo.

Sam G, Water Polo Captain