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Posted on: July 9th 2018

Another Great Year of Gold, Silver & Bronze

Senior School 

Lower 5th Pupils on Bronze DofE Expedition 2018 Lower 5th on Bronze DofE expedition

Fundraising was a popular activity this year, as was helping the elderly, working with Amnesty International and working in local charity shops. Learning to drive, learning to cook and photography and media were just some of the newly acquired skills of the participants this year while those doing sport encompassed everything from aerobics to rugby and cycling. For the residential section, pupils chose to volunteer at camps for the disabled, to extend their skills at university taster courses or to develop their physical skills by attending specific sports training camps.  

Silver Expedition 2018

Dofe pupils on silver expedition 2017

Forty-two Upper 5th pupils completed their Silver DofE practice expedition in the White Peak area of Derbyshire at the end of the Easter holidays. The groups all finished in high spirits, slightly windburned, wet and ready to tackle the assessment in Yorkshire in August. Well done to all the pupils and good luck! 

Sixth Form 

Out Walking on DofE Gold Expedition 2018 DofE Explorers on Gold Expedition 2018

Congratulations to the twenty-three Upper 6th students who successfully completed their Gold expedition in the Derbyshire Dark Peak at the end of June 2018. Wildfires on Saddleworth Moor meant a few last minute alterations to routes and the hot weather slowed down the groups, especially after midday. Now comes the hard part of uploading all the evidence for the other sections and filling in their GAP form.

In August 2017 twenty-five Lower 6th students headed to the Yorkshire Dales for a day’s training on the hills to improve their navigation techniques before embarking on a four day practice expedition. 

DofE at Buckingham Palace 2018 OS Grace G & Piers B DofE Gold Award Ceremony

The expedition is possibly the most challenging, yet rewarding, part of the award but only those with sheer determination go on to complete all the sections of the Gold. In 2017-18 twenty-three OS were awarded their Gold badges, with several attending the presentation at Buckingham Palace in May. 

Gill Lynch, Award Leader