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Posted on: July 5th 2018

High Spirits at Prep School Sports Day

Westfield house celebrating prep school sports day win

Prep School sports day took place on Saturday 30th June, with pupils giving it their all for their House, from running and javelin to long and high jump, to name just a few of the many sporting events.  Congratulations to Westfield House, who were the overall winners of this year's sports day!

Westfield boy and girl with prep school sports day trophy

Prep school girls running at sports day 2018 Monk jones house girl running sports day 2018

Monk jones house pupils at prep school sports day 2018 Grimwade boys at prep school sports day 2018

Monk jones boy shot put sports day 2018 13

Newbury girl running prep school speech day 2018 Pupils having fun at prep school sports day 2018

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