Glorious Sunshine for DofE Explorers

Senior 13-16
Posted on: June 27th 2018

Lower 5th Pupils on Bronze DofE Expedition 2018 Lower 5th on Bronze DofE expedition

On 21st and 22nd June, the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh assessment expedition took place in glorious sunshine, in stark contrast to the practice where it had rained continuously for almost eight hours. This time the Lower 5th pupils returned home with a rosy glow and with sweaty rather than soggy clothing. The participants on the Tolmers site agreed that they were better prepared for this expedition and had packed more frugally and made sure they had blister plasters.

The evening was spent doing some navigational exercises and then the wake up call was around 5.45am.  Everyone was back at the College by mid-afternoon.

Congratulations to the 60+ students who passed their Bronze expedition. They have encountered a real mix of weather and conditions and I look forward to seeing them all again on the silver expeditions next year!

Gill Lynch, Award Leader



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