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Posted on: May 30th 2018

Author of Tee House Family Visits The College

Rachel Rivers Porter talks to L3 & U3 Pupils

On Thursday 24th May, the Prep School welcomed children's author Rachel Rivers Porter, who, as a member of the Tee family, has a long-standing connection with the College. She taught English for several years before deciding to follow her dream of becoming an author and publishing her debut novel, Kiss of the Tsunami.  The novel is the result of detailed research on both the Boxing Day Tsunami and the indigenous Moken people, who, intriguingly, escaped the disaster because they remembered ancient folklore. Rachel has skilfully combined historical fact with fiction to produce an authentic account of a disaster, told from two different perspectives by her two fictional lead characters.

Rachel spoke to our Lower and Upper 3rd pupils, explaining how she had always wanted to be a writer, and after taking part in a Penguin Random House creative writing course, and being longlisted for a national competition, she took the decision to self-publish her novel, Kiss of the Tsunami. Tips on plotting (demonstrated by pupils competing in a domino construction race) and creating character profiles and story arcs, alongside readings from her book, gave us all an illuminating insight into the creative process.

Rachel Rivers Porter with Janet & Tee House L6

Rachel returned for a tour of the College and a visit to Tee House the following day.  The Senior School girls' day house was named after the Tee family and opened by Rachel's cousin Richard in September 2008.  Janet Oldfield, House Mistress of Tee House, said, "We were delighted to welcome Rachel to Tee House.  Rachel shared her life story with us, encouraging us to always think positively and look at our disappointments as opportunities.  Thank you for visiting Rachel, it was lovely to meet you."