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Posted on: April 27th 2018

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We are excited to announce the launch of Stortfordians Connect, a new website and app based alumni communications platform for the Old Stortfordian Community.


For young OS, Stortfordians Connect will permit direct contact to be made with experienced professionals amongst the OS network for careers advice and guidance. For OS who are mid-career, it will give the chance to advance careers by improving business networks and, if OS wish to do so, offer career mentoring support to others.


Stortfordians Connect gives privileged access to an exclusive global community of OS professionals, working across industry sectors. OS will be able to use it to promote themselves, their business, get a new job and get new clients.


Stortfordians Connect is not however, all about business and getting ahead at work. It will also provide the chance to find old school friends, share memories, photographs and stay in touch. It will also allow members to get connected with OS who share similar interests. We hope it will prove very useful for the creation of our OS carol service choir and OS rugby, hockey, netball, cricket, golf and other sporting teams.


In addition, Stortfordians Connect will provide one calendar for all OS events and guests will be able to see who is coming to an OS event.


Today, all OS whom we are able to email have been sent an email providing the link to the platform:


It is also available as an Android and Apple App. In the Android market place, search for “Stortfordians Connect”. In the Apple Apps store, search for “Graduway” and after downloading the App, enter the access code 1409463. (Graduway is the leading alumni relations online networking provider. It is their software that powers the Stortfordians Connect website and the smart phone apps)


OS are able to sign up in less than a minute by using an email address or by importing Linkedin or Facebook profiles.


We hope the Old Stortfordian community enjoy re-connecting with contemporaries, expanding their social, sporting or professional OS networks and giving something back to those OS who can benefit from their expertise.


For any additional information please email:

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