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Prep 7-13
Posted on: April 24th 2018

Af Harrold and Bears in Cornflakes

Shell pupils enjoy workshop with af harrold

We were delighted to welcome back last year’s Festival poet A F Harrold, who this year had the very difficult task of judging the final of the Junior Poetry Declamation. A F Harrold’s day, on Monday 23rd April, continued with a poetry masterclass with Forms 2NC and 2AB. Beginning with “The Perils of Breakfast”, (how would they cope with discovering a bear in their cornflakes?) pupils went on to create a superhero.

AF Harrold read his own poem "Not a Love Letter" with L3EC,  then tasking them to come up with examples of compliments and their reverse. In reply to a question, “Where do you get your inspiration from?” A F Harrold treated the class to a preview of some of the current poems he is writing, which will be published next year, including the poem, “The Idea of It”.

AF Harrold talking to Shell pupil AF Harrold with Shell Pupils

AF Harrold then hosted a workshop with 1HE, and Ashley set us up for lunch by performing some food related poems, again giving a preview of a new book to be published this autumn, which is an anthology of food related poems called “A Midnight Feast.”

Book club – and lunch - followed and once again the book was a very popular choice with the Form 1 and 2 readers. Ashley was delighted they had been challenged and intrigued by the two stories going on at the same time in Greta Zargo and the Death Robots from Outer Space, and had appreciated the ultimate irony that Greta, whilst looking for her big news story with the disappearance of the cakes, didn’t even realise that she had actually saved the world. Armed with feedback to go back to his publishers, Ashley can confidently say that the readers here liked the footnotes, and enjoyed being intellectually stretched, whilst laughing at the word play and witty puns at the same time.

Rosie Pike, Prep School Librarian