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Prep 7-13
Posted on: March 29th 2018

Prep School Photographers Snap it Up!

The Prep School House Photography Competition took place before the end of term, with each House submitting ten photos for consideration by the judges.  The Junior Section consisted of Forms 1 and 2, while the Senior Section included Lower and Upper Third.  There were some fantastic entries, so it was not an easy task to pick out just four photographs from each section!  Well done to everyone who took part and many congratulations to the winners!

Junior Competition

Jamie grimwade junior 1st place 

1st Place by Jamie

3rd junior place luke monk jones 4th place junior annabel from westfield

3rd Place by Luke & 4th Place by Annabel

Senior Competition

Senior 1st place laila in westfield Senior 2nd place megan in grimwade

1st Place by Laila & 2nd Place by Megan

Senior 3rd place imogen in newbury Senior 4th place imogen in monk jones

3rd Place by Imogen M & 4th Place by Imogen F

When all the points were added together, the overall winner of the House Photography Competition was Grimwade, followed by Westfield in 2nd place, Newbury in 3rd and Monk Jones in 4th.  Well done to all the very talented photographers!