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Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: March 28th 2018

Living the Life of a World War II Pupil

World War II Day for Pre-Prep Pupils

On Thursday 22nd March Year 2 pupils travelled back in time to experience a day during the Second World War. Looking very authentic in their costumes, pupils spent the morning in a traditional 1940’s classroom, working with ink pens and chalk boards, followed by a 1940’s market in the afternoon. The experience was made all the more real when pupils had to dive under tables during an air raid! Thank you to all the parents who kindly dressed up as stall-holders and war-time characters and helped create a fantastic setting for the occasion.

Year 2 Boys writing on World War II Day Year 2 class on World War II Day

Year 2 boy and girl during world war ii

Hiding from Air Raids at Pre-Prep World War II Day Pre-Prep Girl in Air Raid Shelter for World War II Day