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Prep 7-13
Posted on: March 13th 2018

Curious Form 2s Go Back in Time

Curiosity Club John with Form 2 Pupils

It was a real privilege for the 2nd Formers who have been working on their challenges for the Curiosity Club, to meet with the inspiration behind it all, the amazingly knowledgeable John Gordon-Reid, on Tuesday 13th March. Curiosity Club has been running in the Prep School now since November, and 19 eager Form 2 pupils have been meeting once a week in the Library to present their challenges, as they navigate through the 3,000 year world history timeline via the Curiosity web based interface. The pupils have been working at their own pace and in their own styles, as they have hopped between the decades, acquiring badges in Science, Nature, History, Culture, Rights and Sport. Their presentations have ranged from stop motion animations, storytelling, creating radio broadcasts, posters, and science experiments, most of which have been researched and completed in their own time.

Curiosity Club with Form 2 pupils Curiosity Club Form 2 Pupil with project

John from Curiosity Club presents badge John presents badge to Form 2 pupil

The pupils asked John if he had devised all of the challenges, to which he answered yes, but had he actually completed them all (and there are hundreds of them), the answer to which was no!

The creativity and individuality of the challenges has totally inspired the children, and they have loved creating their own journeys, choosing from a wide range of topics which they naturally find engaging and interesting.  All of the pupils there are aiming to complete their journey and acquire their 6 badges before the end of the Summer Term; no mean feat indeed! And in doing so they will also acquire lifelong skills, knowledge and most importantly have had a lot of fun at the same time.

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