Top Chukka! Polo Team Success.

Senior 13-16 +1 More Old Stortfordians
Posted on: March 2nd 2018

Polo team sun 4 march

When the National School’s Polo Tournament was postponed on Sunday 4th March due to weather conditions, a last minute local tournament was thrown together with teams from Felsted, Queenswood and the College at Moor Hall Farm in Harlow.

The Bishop’s Stortford College side has only been established and training for a few months compared to the other much more experienced school sides. Nonetheless, the team, comprised of Talia D’P, Charlotte G and Emily J, overcame the odds to thrash two Felsted sides and narrowly losing to Queenswood, who were again local champions. Unfortunately Emma P was unable to play due to School commitments.

Polo match on sun 4 march Polo team after match on sun 4 march

The College team is proving to be very tenacious, coming in at second place already.  The girls are talented riders, using this to get around the field much faster than most. The National Tournament will now be held at the end of April and the standard of the local teams will undoubtedly become prevalent.

The team trains every Wednesday evening in Harlow, under the tutelage of experienced Polo players, OS brothers Alec (RPH, 02-07) and Edward Banner-Eve (MJH, RPH, 06-13).  After Easter training moves to Bury Green, near school. Everyone is welcome to join in, even if you have never ridden a horse before! 

Jade De Vere Drummond

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