Maths Feast Proved a Tasty Challenge!

Senior 13-16
Posted on: February 22nd 2018

L5th maths team winners of maths feast 2018

On Tuesday, February 20th, a team of four Lower 5th pupils, Elizabeth G, John C, Caspar S and Darion P took part in the annual Further Maths Support Programme, Maths Feast, at Linton Village College in Cambridge. Many schools from around the region took part in the event.

L5th maths team at maths feast 2018 Puzzle at maths feast 2018

The Feast consisted of four rounds where the team had to work together to solve various problems and puzzles:

  • Round 1: What, No Words?
    Looking for patterns to solve problems 
  • Round 2: Problems , Problems
    Using maths to solve business type problems 
  • Round 3: A Practical Task 
    Students had to colour blank beer mats in a certain way, build a coloured cube correctly and roll it around to perform a certain cycle; this introduced the students to the idea of group theory, a very important branch of mathematics 
  • Round 4: Solving all types of problems to fill in a hexagrid 

 The College team achieved the highest score overall as well as winning the practical round. Congratulations to all involved! 

Nick Alexander, Head of Maths

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