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Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: February 16th 2018

Sixth form business trip to google dublin

At 4:30am on Monday 12th February, 22 bleary eyed students and staff flew out of Stansted Airport to visit Google in Dublin. Collaboration and innovation are the name of the game at the Dublin offices for Google, a growth engine for businesses across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.  Set in booming Silicon Docks (the Irish equivalent of Silicon Valley), Google's campus is home to a diverse community of "Googlers" from over 60 different nationalities, totalling 7000 Googlers in three buildings. 

Students attended talks in two areas by Googlers (employees at Google), as well as a tour of the campus, including swings for the employees.  The first topic was the magic behind Google; an insight into the workings of code and the role of computer science in innovation and automation.  The second talk concentrated on the skills and techniques required to work at Google.  Students were tested on their knowledge, but also gained an unique understanding of what employers look for in a CV and how to impress at every stage of the employment process. We were then lucky enough to be invited to lunch in one of the seven restaurants on the campus.  The choice was unbelievable, but the main highlight had to be the ice cream factory - Gary, take note!

Business sixth form students at google dublin

Business trip to google in dublin Google visit by sixth form business students

We all moved onto our second visit of the day via train and tram.  How could we come to Dublin and not visit one of Ireland's biggest exports, Guinness!   Located in the heart of the St. James's Gate Brewery, the Guinness Storehouse is Ireland's most popular tourist attraction. It is the home of the Black Stuff. The journey begins at the bottom of the world's largest pint glass and continues up through seven floors filled with interactive experiences that fuse the long brewing heritage with Ireland's rich history.  The journey starts with the production methods and how the brewing process begins, before moving along to the world of advertising, an area where Guinness leads the world with its innovative advertising campaigns.  Furthermore, students had never realised that Dublin is the only place in the world that brews Guinness.

Finally, after our visit to Guinness, we walked back into the centre of Dublin, crossing the River Liffey by the famous Halfpenny Bridge and passing closely by the Leprechaun Museum. The question on students' lips were: did they, do they exist??  We finished our walking journey at the main Dublin centre Post Office, famous for the start of the Easter rising in 1916; you are still able to see the bullet holes today. After a short bus ride back to the airport, it was the end of a very long 21,602 steps, but very educational day.

U6 business students outside guiness in dublin

Shaun Murtagh-Howard, Economics & Business

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