Stupendous Stars in their Eyes

Senior 13-16 +1 More Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: January 31st 2018

Loredana performing at stars in their eyes Coldplay performer chatting with presenter stars in their eyes Drummer in Stars of their Eyes act

With a final burst on Blondie’s guitar and a word from compère Kolade, the curtain finally came down on Stars 2018 on Tuesday 30th January and what was yet another great year of musical entertainment. 

As usual it has been enormous fun for both audience and cast.  I am sure all involved will have come away buzzing with vivid memories and new impressions gained both of themselves and their peers. 

The top 10 memorable moments:

  1. Dsc 2410Keir’s multi-track drum solo (for the past four years Keir has helped so many acts on to centre stage, quietly and without any fuss covering the drum kit for them; this was his time in the spotlight as a thank you for his selfless work for others over the years).
  2. Ben’s superb light show to kick us off…..’powering up’
  3. The look on this organiser’s face when half the cast appeared to be still stuck on a bus in Bedford minutes before curtain up on night 2.
  4. Ollie and Lore’s organisation of an impromptu jam with the rest of the cast to keep the crowd entertained.
  5. The visceral, spontaneous roar that emanated from the crowd as the staff band finished their first ever set on night 1.
  6. The shining looks of triumph on the faces of the cast members having survived and overcome their demons (nerves) on night 1.
  7. The sheer generosity of spirit amongst all the cast as they supported each other, young or old, with such selfless enthusiasm on all three nights.
  8. The private cast sing-song in between announcing the winners and then the spontaneous and genuine roars of delight for the winners once announced.
  9. The talent and bravery of the new 4th Form and L5ths, who had the confidence to step out with some of the older ‘superStars’.
  10. The sheer volume of the support from the whole College community, including Catering, Estates, Reception and Marketing and to all the staff and parents who were so willing to give their time and support to our two worthwhile charities.  It was, as ever, both a privilege and an inspiration just simply being a part of it. 

Dsc 2560 Girl and boy singing at stars in their eyes

Both evenings culminated in the audience voting for their favourite act.  Many congratulations to Monday night's winners Mumford & Sons and to Tuesday night's winner, Blondie.

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