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Posted on: November 23rd 2017

Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion in Assembly

4th Form Anti-Bullying work and 6th Form Diversity Ambassadors were congratulated in assembly on the morning of Thursday 23rd November. 

Tee House Girls receiving Anti-Bullying CertificateOur Diversity and Inclusion Prefects, Francesca H-C and Ciaran P opened assembly by looking back at last week’s anti-bullying week slogan: ‘All Different, All Equal’. The aims of the campaign this year, run by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, were to empower young people to celebrate differences without fear of bullying and to create safe environments where everyone can be themselves. Ciaran pointed out that although it is great to have a special week to raise awareness of bullying, prejudice and discrimination can occur throughout the year and in a variety of places - in schools, the workplace and society in general and it certainly has no place at Bishop’s Stortford College. With this in mind, Ciaran and Francesca are this year expertly leading a group of Sixth Form Diversity Ambassadors whose role is to promote diversity, equality and inclusion within their House and provide support for anyone who may be going through a tough time. 

Today we celebrated the achievements of the 4th Form, who have been working towards receiving their ‘Bully Free Status’ awards. Over the last six weeks in tutorials, the pupils have explored friendship, empathy, different types of bullying (overt, covert, cyberbullying and so on), the role of those witnessing bullying – bystanders and in-steppers - and the school policies and procedures. Each group signed a pledge to show that they are willing to solve problems and tackle bullying in the right way. At the end of the series of lessons, each group put together a showcase presentation which was assessed by a House Master of Mistress from another House. Examples of brilliant showcase work were ‘wordles’, posters, poems, role-plays, House anti-bullying charters, leaflets, tee shirts and display work. Well done to all the 4th Formers and congratulations on being awarded ‘Bully Free’ status. We are confident that you have the knowledge, understanding and skills to tackle bullying should it occur at any stage in your lives. 

The Sixth Form Diversity Ambassadors also proudly collected their ‘Diversity’ badges together with the certificates on behalf of their 4th Form housemates. We look forward to supporting the Ambassadors in their projects and endeavours throughout the year to promote and celebrate diversity, equality and inclusion. 

Some of our House Diversity Ambassadors collecting their badges and the ‘Bully Free Status’ certificates on behalf of their 4th Formers:

Collett house

Sutton House Diversity Ambassador Receiving Certificate Holly collecting House Diversity Ambassador Badge in Assembly

Alliott house girls RPH House Diversity Ambassadors receiving anti-bullying certificate

Many congratulations to all!

Ms Daly (Assistant Head, Pastoral)