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Prep 7-13
Posted on: November 21st 2017

Shell Pupils' Hockey & Rugby Competitions

Shell League Competitions 2017 Boys playing rugby Shell Girls playing Hockey in League Competition

The annual Shell League Competitions took place on Saturday 18th November.  Well done to all the pupils for some fantastic Hockey and Rugby. 

Shell League Hockey

The girls put on an excellent display of developing skills and coped well with cold fingers when holding their sticks! They played each match in great spirits and listened well to their coaches. Too many notable performances to single any out, so well done girls.

Lower and Upper Shell girls were combined into mixed teams.

  1. Canterbury  –  10 points
  2. York - 7 points
  3. Worcester - 5 points
  4. Durham - 3 points

Shell League Rugby

Both Lower and Upper Shell played some great rugby, displaying excellent skills, on a very cold and rainy morning.

Lower Shell

  1. Canterbury - 10 points
  2. Durham - 7 points
  3. Worcester - 7 points
  4. York - 5 points

Upper Shell

  1. Canterbury and York
  2. Durham
  3. Worcester



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