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Prep 7-13
Posted on: November 20th 2017

Form 2's Exciting Curiosity Challenge

Form 2 girl working on her Curiosity Club project Form 2 Boy looking at Curiosity Club book

Curiosity Club is a new initiative launched with Form 2 pupils, many of whom have signed up for this challenge. After an initial meeting with the inspiring John Gordon-Reid, one of the founders of Curiosity Club, the first two sessions have taken place in the Prep School Library, and will continue as a regular, weekly activity.

So imagine the scene: 20 pupils in the library engaged on their own unique learning journey along a 3000 year timeline, powered by their inquisitive minds and driven by choice. A cleverly designed journey map allows the students to follow whatevRosie Pike showing Curiosity Club projecter it is that interests them the most. They progress by completing challenges that range from hands on experiments through to public performance and from movie making through to debating.  Each challenge is set on one of six subject lines (History, Science, Nature, Culture, Human Rights and Sport) and is mapped to three of the seven skills that Curiosity identifies as being critical in the present and future world. A rather long and extremely complicated calculation reveals over 229 thousand million possible routes through the journey map, so it is highly unlikely any two pupils will undertake the same voyage of discovery. What they must all do, however, is turn to works of non-fiction to provide the information that they will use in succeeding in their Challenges.

Curiosity Club Form 2 Badge RecipientsBadges for completing their first challenges were awarded to Harriet C and Ollie F who had completed two very different, but equally impressive, presentations for their Sport Challenge. Zachary B’s performance storytelling of the Seige of Troy, and Elliot S’s diagrammatic model of the Wooden Horse earned them their History badges. Amelia S had produced an ancient Greek version of an Ipad, telling Athene’s story with cunning nods to social media usage today, earning her Culture badge, and Amy J’s instructive video presentation on how to make an olive oil lamp was simply outstanding, earning her the Nature badge.

 Prep School Form 2 Boy with his Curiosity Club project Form 2 girl presenting her Curiosity Club fitness project

Congratulations to all of these and we look forward to more challenges being completed by the Curiosity Club members over the coming weeks.  You can find out more about the Curiosity Challenge by clicking here.

Mrs Pike, Prep School Librarian