Boarders Celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Senior 13-16 +1 More Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: October 26th 2017

Young house boarders with moon festival lanterns

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival (ZhōngqiÅ« Jié) on the night of the full moon has been a Chinese tradition for over 3000 years, predating the Christian Harvest festival. On this important public holiday, families gather to share mooncake and light lanterns to give thanks for the harvest.

Young house cakes for moon festival 2017 Traditional moon cake

At Bishop’s Stortford College, the International Committee invited all their fellow boarders to join them in their own celebrations to share food, mooncakes and lanterns. Although the moon stayed hidden behind the clouds, the boarders all enjoyed the celebrations!

Boarders with Chinese Lanterns for Mid Autumn Festival Boarders with chinese lanterns for moon festival

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