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Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: October 18th 2017

Fascinating Talk by Baroness Williams

Shirley Williams Talks to A Level Politics Students

Baroness Williams of Crosby - or Shirley Williams as she is better known - is one of a dwindling number of politicians who inspire not only respect, but affection. Elected to British Parliament in 1964, Williams was one of the “Gang of Four” who declared that the Labour Party had been taken over by its party’s left-wing members and who in 1981 founded and became president of the United Kingdom’s Social Democratic Party, which she served from 1981 to 1988. She later led the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords until her retirement.   

On Friday 13th October, Baroness Williams visited the college to talk directly with ‘A’ Level Politics, Economics and Business students on a range of issues that affect both the youth of today and society as a whole.  Her talk, part of the Inspired Horizons initiative, was an insight into the Role of Parliament,  the disconnect with politicians and, more importantly, issues that affect the youth of today.   Baroness Williams spoke to the students about the history and beginnings of today’s Parliament; from the early 'parliaments ' and the role of representation even in the 14th and 15th century, where women were represented by the abbesses. Questions were asked about the reform of the House of Lords;  should we have an elected chamber and the role of the monarchy in politics today.  Her replies were quintessentially Shirley Williams. 

The Baroness was curious to discover what issues concern today's students.  The audience were quiet in their thoughts.  However, two politics students: Maddie L and Ralph G spent 20 minutes after the lecture talking to Baroness Williams about the Brexit referendum and the state of US politics.  

Mr Murtagh-Howard, Economics & Business Teacher & Inspired Horizons Co-ordinator, and Mrs Self, Head of Politics