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Posted on: October 12th 2017

Prep School Pupils Celebrate Democracy Week

Local Democracy Week 2017 - Assembly

Councillor tim page with prep school pupils

Councillor Tim Page joined our assembly on Monday morning to talk about his role as Town & District Councillor. There were lots of questions from the children, and it won’t be a surprise to hear that nearly every form wanted to raise the topic of ‘traffic & traffic jams’ in Bishop’s Stortford. Councillor Page assured the children that the Council always consider planning projects in great detail, and that traffic congestion is a factor in deciding whether to build more houses. Unfortunately, developments need to take place in our town, and it is inevitable that there will be some congestion. His vision for Bishop’s Stortford in 5-10 years time is that we might all live in a ‘safe and prosperous’ town.

After the assembly, we had our first training session for all of our new Pupil Councillors (Lower Shell – U3), and they all received their new Pupil Council Badge. We considered the question ‘What does it mean to wear a Pupil Council Badge?’ and we concluded that the skills required of everyone should include: Respect, fairness, confidence, cooperation and the ability to listen to everyone carefully.

Prep school councillors group

First Senior Pupil Council Meeting Of The Year

Senior Pupil Councillors from Upper Third attended the first Senior Council Meeting of the year this week, and there was lots on the agenda to discuss.

Mrs Sharman had asked all classes to talk about various aspects of ‘marking’, and one hot topic came up … Peer Marking. After the discussion, our Senior Councillors were tasked with drafting a set of guidelines for Peer Markers; guidelines that can be used in the classroom in 2018. We look forward to reading the recommendations.

Miss Drury asked pupils in the Prep School to reflect on the start of the new year and share what has gone well and what hurdles people have faced. Our Senior Councillors identified the important role of ‘school shadows’ and suggested that we could have a ‘job description’ for this responsibility. Comments were made about prep at the start of the year, but we all eventually agreed that it was not reasonable to ask for prep to be put on hold until Week 3!

The first Senior Meeting of the year was a huge success and the new Councillors were a credit to their year group. We look forward to working alongside them as they continue to raise the ‘Pupil Voice’ in our school community.

Mrs Towns, History & RE Teacher, Pupil Council Co-ordinator


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