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Posted on: October 9th 2017

Form 1 & 2s' Skype Book Club Meeting

Form 1 & 2 Pupils chat to Gill Lewis on Skype

Form 1 and 2  Book Clubbers met over lunch on Friday 6th October to discuss A Story Like the Wind by award-winning children's author Gill Lewis. Once again, we had managed to arrange a Skype session with the author, and pizza was eaten very quickly so that the remaining time could be spent chatting with Gill.

Form 1 & 2 Book Clubbers and Gill Lewis on SkypeIn a very lively session, with a record breaking number of readers present, selected pupils introduced themselves to Gill and shared their views on the book with her.  Zinnia-Claire B described it as “a short book with a big message” and many other pupils commented on how the story helped them to understand the current refugee situation. Favourite scenes included the race scene and the favourite character for the children was Rami, although Gill admitted to having sympathy for the old man on the boat.  The repetition of the same words and phrases at significant moments in the story were admired by Neve L, and  Alice L loved the way the two-tone illustrations added context to the story.

Overall, it was agreed that the message of how the power of story and music can help keep people’s hope alive in times of oppression, shone out through the book. George H asked the final question -  will there be a sequel? to which Gill replied that it is really up to us and how we deal with the refugee situation going forward. 

Form 1 & 2 Wave Goodbye to Gill Lewis on Skype

What a wonderful way to start our year of book club meetings!

Rosie Pike, Prep School Librarian

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