Prep School House Rounders & Cricket

Prep 7-13
Posted on: July 20th 2017

Prep school house rounders 2017 Grimwade monk jones house cricket 

Saturday 1st July was a day full of sport in the Prep School! Prior to Sports Day pupils gave it their all in House Rounders and House Cricket, making for a very enjoyable and lively day of sport.  The results are as follows:

Junior Rounders

1st WestfieldWestfield girl in prep school house rounders

2nd Monk Jones

3rd Newbury

4th Grimwade

Senior Rounders

1st Monk Jones

2nd Grimwade

3rd Newbury

4th Westfield

Junior Cricket

1st Westfield and Grimwade

3rd Monk Jones and Newbury

Senior Cricket

1st Monk Jones and Grimwade

3rd Westfield


Grimwade batting at house rounders 2017 Prep school house cricket westfield players

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