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Posted on: July 7th 2017

Superb Instrumental Competition 2017

Winners of Instrumental Competition 2017

Prep School Girl Violinist Instrumental Competition 2017 Rosie Smithers at Instrumental Competition 2017

The Music Department hosted their annual Instrumental Competition on Thursday 6th July.  This event gives all musicians from the Prep and Senior schools the opportunity to perform for an audience and receive feedback from the adjudicator. There were eight categories that grouped instruments according to their families: Woodwind, Brass, Strings and Piano, and the difficulty of the pieces: Grades 4-6 and Grades 7-8.

We had two expert adjudicators who, in addition to awarding the prices for the different categories, also produced valuable certificates with expert feedback on their performances. Gillian Blythman, who has been at the College before in her role as examiner for the Associated Board, was very impressed with the level of preparation and musicianship displayed in the Strings, Woodwind and Brass categories. Sanae Nakajima was also very complimentary about the quality of the performances in the piano category. She reminded us of how lucky we are to be able to hear such high standard of repertoire in a school and that great credit must be given to the pupils and their teachers for all the work that has gone into learning those demanding works.

The results of their adjudications through the day were as follows:

Junior CategoriesBassoon at Instrumental Competition 2017


  • First Prize: Anish M
  • Second Prize: Charlie E


  • First Prize: Fifi D on oboe
  • Second Prize: Alex S on saxophone.


  • First Prize: Xenia P on violin
  • Second Prize: Ishani M on guitar.


  • First Prize: Vinay M on the horn
  • Second Prize: Joshua P on trumpet

Advanced Category

The winner of each of the four advanced categories went on to perform their pieces once more, in a recital that took place at the end of the school day in the Memorial Hall. Congratulations to the four finalists:

  • Ailsa M on bassoon
  • Billianna I violin
  • Rosemary S who won both the Brass and Piano sections

Special mention should be given to all the runner-ups on the senior categories:

  • Scott Hextall on piano
  • Hugh Fisher on the trumpet
  • Joshua C S on Oboe
  • Rosemary Smithers on cello

They all played magnificently and demonstrated great skills in their respective instruments as well as impressive musicality. Rosemary was declared the overall winner because of her outstanding control of the trombone and her high levels of expressive communication with the audience.

Many congratulations to everyone who took part and helped make this day one of the most memorable and significant on the music calendar.

Iago Núñez

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