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Prep 7-13
Posted on: July 3rd 2017

Form 2's Fun Investigation of Plants

2ad plant investigation work for Science Project

Form 2 pupils have produced some fantastic projects on plants, following lots of research on stomatal pore structure and distribution on the topside and underside of leaves. The results were explained and evaluated in relation to gas exchange (photosynthesis & respiration) and water loss (transpiration).  Once all the findings had been put together, pupils presented them to the class in the form of posters or a slide show.  As well as encouraging independent research, it was a good opportunity for the pupils to work scientifically, following the process of:

 Question2vl Girl with plant poster for Science Project







There were some very creative and detailed presentations, well done Form 2 scientists!

2vl Boys with plant poster for Science Project Form 2VL Slide Show for Science Project

2vl boy with plant investigation 2vl Pupil with plant for Science Project