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Posted on: May 25th 2017

Prep School Art Draws Link with Local Community

Prep School Art Workshop Local Schools Life Drawing Class for Local Primary School Pupils

The Prep School Art Department recently welcomed fourteen Year 5 pupils from eight local Primary schools to a drawing workshop, as part of an Outreach Programme established by Mr Donlevy. Under the expertise of Miss Beckley, the pupils were given a masterclass in still life drawing, using a wide range of specialist materials.  The pupils will hopefully be able to develop their talents further, as well as share their new skills and spread what they have learnt with their friends and teachers at their own schools.

Life Drawing Workshop for Local Primary School Pupils Prep School Life Drawing Course Local Schools

We hope to be able to welcome those same pupils back again next year to see how they have developed and forge greater links with the local community.  The schools that took part were:

  • Albury Coe  E VA Primary
  • All Saints Primary School
  • Great Dunmow Primary
  • Henham and Ugley Primary School
  • Hillmead Primary School
  • Little Hadham Primary School
  • Mandeville Primary School
  • High Wych Primary School

Aaran Donlevy, Head of Art, Prep School