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Senior 13-16
Posted on: May 16th 2017

L5th Complete DofE Bronze Practice Expedition

L5 Bronze Practice Expedition May 2017

68 Lower Fifth pupils took part in the Bronze D of E practice expedition on the weekend of 13th / 14th May.  The weather was kind to them, raining only during the early hours of Sunday morning. The drawback, however, was that they had to carry back wet, heavy tents.

The pupils were divided into two groups, with half starting at Levens Green and walking to Three Lakes campsite, before walking back to Much Hadham, and the rest starting at the Lea Valley Youth Hostel and finishing at Hunsdon, via the campsite at Tolmers in Cuffley.

The pupils were putting the skills they had learned in the classroom into practice in the great outdoors. It would not be a practice expedition, however, without a few little mishaps and learning curves and this one was no different. One group spent close to half an hour trying to find the underpass to take them under the A10; they were adamant that it did not exist despite the fact that four other groups had found and used it. Their learning curve was to pay more attention to the map and look around for features to help them.

All in all, several important and useful lessons were learned and hopefully all the groups will find the assessment expedition in June much easier. Thank you to all the College staff who helped out at the weekend: Mr Wilson, Mrs Oldfield, Mr Murtagh Howard,Dr O Connor, Miss Ellaway Bell, Mr Bacon, Mr Woodhouse and Miss Chaplin and also to the volunteers, Mrs Moon and Mr Wynne, who came along and gave up their time to pass on their knowledge and ensure that the expeditions ran smoothly.

We now look forward to the expedition at the end of June.

Gill Lynch, Award Leader