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Senior 13-16 +1 More Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: May 15th 2017

Senior School Teams Face England Rounders

 Rounders Match v England Rounders May 17

On Saturday 13th May, our U14 and U17 Rounders teams had the fantastic opportunity to play matches against England Rounders.  The day finished with a presentation ceremony, with a Most Valuable Player award given to a member of each team.

U14 Team 1

Katie with award England Rounders

The U14 Team 1 gave a fantastic performance throughout the day. Katie W received our Most Valuable Player award for her outstanding fielding throughout. Heather N bowled consistently in all her matches, only giving away ½ rounder out of 120 balls bowled. Imogen S, Georgia W and Emelia M batted very well in all their matches.


  • U14 vs All England U14 Elite - Drew 10-10
  • U14 vs All England U14 Development - Won 9-6
  • U14 vs All England U16 Elite - Lost 11.5-6
  • U14 vs All England U16 Development - Lost 10.5- 9.5 

U14 Team 2

Yuki with award England Rounders

Great play by the girls in U14 Team 2 against very strong sides. We showed some good fielding in the first half of the day, especially from Maddie N, Harriet H and Charlotte G at bowler. In our first and last match we batted well and rounders were scored by Addie N, Elodie D and Yuki C. Well done to Yuki for winning the Most Valuable Player award.

  • Vs ER U14 Dev - Lost 6-9
  • Vs Sevenoaks U14 - Lost 4.5-7.5
  • Vs ER U14 Elite - Lost 1-13
  • Vs ER U16 Dev2 - Lost 7-14.5

U17 Team

Senior School Pupil with Rounders Award

As you can see from the scores below, the first three games were extremely close. Both our fielding and batting were consistent and the team worked well together, always encouraging one another. Our highlight was getting out the England elite number one player on her first bat. 

Well done to Imogen P for her recognised performance from England Rounders. She was awarded Most Valuable Player for the U17 team 

  • BSC U17 V ER U16 D1 - lost 6.5-8.5
  • BSC U17 V ER U16 D2 - won 6-1.5
  • BSC U17 v Sevenoaks U15 - lost 8.5-9
  • BSC U17 v ER U16 Elite - lost 3-9 

Well done to all the girls who played on Saturday.

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