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Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: May 11th 2017

Year 2 Learn About First Aid

Year 2 boy first aid course resuscitating flat stan Year 2 girl first aid course

Year 2 children learnt a number of vital life skills on Thursday 11th May when they took part in a first aid workshop aimed at young children and all have a certificate to prove it! 

With the help of their Flat Stan booklets, which include drawings and information on what to do in a range of situations, the pupils had a go at the different first aid skills using a Flat Stan dummy. Pupils 'resuscitated' the dummy, pressing on his chest and counting to thirty and later got him breathing again when he was choking, slapping him on the back and squeezing his stomach.  Pupils also learnt how to stop a nosebleed and came up with lots of well informed answers for what to do if someone has fallen over and bumped or cut themselves. One of the key messages for the pupils, however, was to always find a teacher or a parent when they see someone who needs first aid or to call 999.

Year 2 boys reading flat stan first aid book Year 2 girls with flat stans at first aid course

Year 2 boys chatting about flat stan first aid book Year 2 pupils first aid course bloody nose demonstration

Thank you to Flat Stan for an interactive and really useful workshop.

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