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Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: May 8th 2017

Year 1 Visit RHS Hyde Hall

Year 1 Girls with Nature Collection Hyde Hall

Year 1 pupils enjoyed a fabulous day out when they visited the Royal Horticultural Society gardens at Hyde Hall near Chelmsford on Friday.  They learnt about many different plants and flowers, searched for "caterpillars" in the woods, fed the ducks, filled buckets with lots of interesting nature finds on a walk through the beautiful gardens, to name just a few of the many activities.  A big thank you to the friendly and informative RHS staff for a fun and educational day.

Year 1 Pupils Walking at Hyde Hall Collecting nature item on Year 1 Trip to Hyde Hall

Year 1 looking for nature finds at RHS Hyde Hall Year 1 Studying nature table Hyde Hall 2017

Boy and girl collecting on Hyde Hall yr 1 Trip Year 1 Boys chatting Hyde Hall 2017

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