Benson House Win Charity T-Shirt Challenge

Senior 13-16
Posted on: April 28th 2017

Benson House T-Shirt Challenge Winners 2017

During the second half of the Spring term the L5th pupils were involved in a charity challenge. Tutor groups worked as business teams - they were given a brief to research and identify a charity of interest and then create a marketing slogan for a fundraising campaign.  They had to create a T shirt design, and persuade people to support the charity by buying the T shirt.

On Thursday 16th March, L5th pupils and tutors gathered to hear from each team.  The pupils were also the judges and had to evaluate the merits of each campaign according to a set of criteria.  The results were then converted to 'donations' with each Tutor group assigning £50 to the team they judged to be the best, £25 to the second best team, £15 to the third and £10 to the fourth.  The winning team was the one that managed to collect the most donations overall.

L5th House T Shirt Challenge 2017

The presentations and T shirt designs were really imaginative, and are shown above.  International and local charities were all represented and the campaigns reflected a huge amount of work and research.  The Charities chosen by the tutor groups were:

  • Hayward House - ‘Sunny Days Charity’ Supporting disabled children.
  • Tee House - ‘Veterans with Dogs’.
  • Young House - ‘Plan International’ Children’s rights.
  • School House - ‘Grove Cottage’ The home of Bishop’s Stortford Mencap.
  • Collett House - ‘Help for Heroes’.
  • Sutton House - ‘Possible’ Providing low cost health care to the world’s poor.
  • Alliott House - ‘NSPCC’.
  • Robert Pearce House - ‘Child Autism UK’
  • Benson House - ‘Malawi Orphan Care Trust Fund’

Just like last year, the standard was really high and the pupils are to be congratulated for the enthusiasm and energy they gave to the task.


  • 4th place – Sutton House
  • 3rd place – Alliott House
  • 2nd place – Tee House
  • 1st place - Benson House - Malawi Orphan Care Trust Fund

Benson House Winners of 2017 TShirt Challenge  Winning Benson House T-Shirt

Congratulations to Benson, who will have £100 donated to Malawi Orphan Care Trust Fund.

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