Forms 1 and 2 Serve Up Afternoon Tea

Prep 7-13
Posted on: April 28th 2017

F1 & 2 Pupils with Tea Party Cakes F1 & 2 Tea Party for Parents & Grandparents

Forms 1 and 2 hosted a lovely tea party on Thursday 27th April, with Group 8 inviting parents and grandparents to tea and cake as part of the activity. Having learnt all there is to know about 'tea etiquette', they treated guests to an afternoon of tea, cake and sandwiches. Well done to all the pupils for excellent hosting skills and delicious baked goods made for the event, Miss Drury and Miss Moss were very impressed!  A big thank you to Mrs Belton for helping on the day.

Miss Drury, Class Teacher & Head of Upper Shell

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