Benson House Winners of Junior Debating

Senior 13-16
Posted on: March 21st 2017

Benson with Jeremy Gladwin Junior Debating Winners 2017

Benson House and RPH came face to face in the finals of the Junior (4th Form and Lower 5th) Debating yesterday, arguing for and against globalisation and whether it has been the success everyone thought it would be.  Both Houses argued their cases brilliantly so it was not an easy decision for the three adjudicators to decide on the final winner.  Many congratulations to Benson House who were crowned winners of Junior Debating 2017.

Benson House and RPH in Junior Debating Final 2017 John Birchall in Junior Debating Finals

Thank you to Mr Birchall for organising and chairing the Junior Debating event once again and well done to all the pupils who have taken part this year.  Their arguments were always well-prepared, thoroughly researched and presented with confidence to their peers, teachers and adjudicators, despite the often challenging and complex nature of the topics, from the future of the NHS to the role of religion in modern day society.

We look forward to next year's series of Debating!