Good News from The Dust Project

Whole College
Posted on: February 24th 2017

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In September 2016 the whole College came together for a charity day to help raise money for The Dust Project, a charity which helps  transform the lives of children, young people and communities through funding construction and education projects worldwide.  The focus of the charity day in September was to raise money to build a house for a young family in Sri Lanka, and the charity constructed an edible flapjack house on the lawn, with pupils invited to buy "bricks" of flapjacks. Altogether we managed to raise a fantastic £6000 for The Dust Project, thanks to everyone's generosity.  

This week we were delighted to welcome to Assembly Tom and Josh from The Dust Project who brought news from Sri Lanka about the house we raised money for back in September. The Dust Project made a video in Sri Lanka, showing Ramesh and Hilda with the house built by the charity.  Please click here to view the video.

 The Dust Project Assembly Feb 16 The Dust Project Assembly with Representative

"The Dust Project would like to say a huge thank you to all those involved in the fund raising. The fruits of your hard work and effort will be enjoyed, remembered and lived in forever by a couple who could never have done it on their own".