Ever Popular Prep School Book Clubs

Prep 7-13
Posted on: January 19th 2017

F1 and 2 book club F1 and 2 book club 3

On Thursday more than fifty Form 1 and 2 pupils met in the library to eat pizza and talk about The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell. The discussion of the book was lively, and provoked a mixed response, with some finding the pace of it too slow, whilst others totally disagreed and added that they loved the emotional connections within the story. Isabella W explained how much she loved the main character, Feo, describing her so aptly, as a “small girl with a big heart”. Is it a fairytale ?  Some thought it could be described as such, and the wolf wilders have maybe a touch of magic about them, whilst others felt it is more of a historical adventure story. Charlotte S made the comparison of books to sandwiches, and this, for her, was a delicious one with a big tasty filling!

Wolf wilder book cover

All of our next three book club books feature authors whom the pupils will get the chance to meet during the Festival of Literature.  Not only does this make the book clubs a really special experience for the pupils, but I am sure the authors will love to hear the pupils’ candid views.

Mrs Pike, Prep School Librarian