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Prep 7-13
Posted on: October 14th 2016

"There is a Story for Everyone", SF Said Author Visits Prep School

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Award-winning children's author SF Said met with Form 1 and 2 pupils at our first book club meeting of the term yesterday. A record breaking number of pupils turned up at the meeting, with their own copies of SF Said's first novel, Varjak Paw, which they are reading in book club.  SF Said remarked how much he enjoyed the comments of our pupils; attending the book club was a unique experience, he said, and it was “totally inspiring to meet so many young readers”.

In the afternoon, SF shared some of his favourite stories with the Lower 3rds and Forms 1 and 2 and asked  the pupils to tell him some of theirs. He recounted how he was rejected by 40 publishers twice over, but was still determined to pursue his dream of becoming a successful writer. Convinced that “there is a story for everyone”, he continued working on the novel to make it the best it could possibly be and, seventeen drafts and five years later, his first novel Varjak Paw was published, followed by its sequel, The Outlaw Varjak Paw, after another three years and eleven drafts.  His third book, Phoenix, is an epic myth set in space, which crosses galaxies and features a human boy, an alien girl, stars and supernovas.

We are very much looking forward to continuing our discussion about this in our L3/U3rd book club meeting on Monday. In the meantime, we are very grateful that SF did pursue his dream and created these wonderful stories for us to share.   

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