Lower Third Expand their Learning & Skills

Prep 7-13
Posted on: June 15th 2022

Lower Third pupils outside Mosque

On Thursday 9th June and Tuesday 14th June, Lower Third pupils enjoyed a fascinating trip to the new Central Mosque in Cambridge, followed by a calming afternoon in the Botanical Gardens as part of the RE and Art Curriculum. 

Whilst at the Mosque, pupils had the opportunity to study some award-winning architectual and eco-friendly design features of the building, as well as hearing from one of the tour guides as to the meaning of the various religious aspects of the building. This included the qibla wall and ablution areas. Pupils listened carefully and asked interesting and thoughtful questions such as why were there very few chairs in the main prayer hall. 

Lower Third pupils in Mosque Lower Third pupils sketching in botanical gardens

Lower Third in botanical gardens

Later that afternoon, pupils took to the Botanical Gardens and were tasked to complete a variety of sketches on the different plants. Pupils visited the giant glasshouses and were delighted to experience their tropical environments. 

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