Senior School Pupils Show Skills in Poetry & Photography

Senior 13-16 +1 More Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: May 11th 2022

SS Poetry & Photography Competition Photo Lights

Before the Easter break, Senior School pupils were invited to participate in a Poetry & Photography Competition run by the English & Art Departments. 

A fantastic number of submissions were received with some excellent poems* and photos showing real skill. Pupils were able to enter various categories which included the themes of Differences, Journey and Isolation and could choose to enter just a poem, a photo or a combined entry. 

Well done to all who took part and congratulations to the year group winners! 

*as the poems were quite long, short snapshots have been taken below.

4th Form Winners


SS Poetry & Photography Competition Tree SS Poetry & Photography Competition Photo Lights SS Poetry & Photography Competition Ruins

Rosie A - Isolation                Freddy T - Journey               Sukhjeevan B - Differences


SS Poetry & Photography Competition 2

Rita S

Poetry* - Nathan L

Category - Differences

Born in London

And only recently I realise the difference in wealth,

Difference in privilege and the desire for help,

Being darker than light means you have more pain,

Pain in which you will always have to sustain,


5th Form Winners


SS Poetry & photography Competition Photo Tube SS Poetry & Photography Competition Photo Buildings Reflection SS Poetry & Photography Competition Photo Roads

Ben F - Journey               Zachary B - Isolation           Ivy Z - Differences

Poetry* - Catherine W

Category - Journey


Travelling on Ryanair is a nightmare

When grey gum sticks in sticky strings to your fingers

As you touch the table on the seat in front.


Travelling on Ryanair is a complete and utter nightmare

And I would rather walk.


6th Form Winners


SS Poetry & Photography Competition Photo Picture2 Picture3

Qipei H - Journey              Lindsey B - Differences            Jemima F - Isolation


SS Poetry & Photography Competition

Poetry* - Maera S

Category - Differences

infinitely requited love

if it weren't for this unforgiving world,

that would devour us at the very thought

of the football and rugby captain falling in love,

had you chosen to be my everything instead of wearing your pride as a disguise,

I'd sacrifice every drop of blood that runs in my veins for you and i to become us


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