Year 2 Gear Up for Bikeability Day

Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: June 17th 2021

Year 2 pupil practicing cycling skills

On Friday 11th June, Year 2 pupils donned their safety helmets and geared up for an exciting visit from Bikeability, a group who improve children’s cycling abilities, whether they are learning to come off their stabilisers or already competent cyclists.

Year 2 girl smiling whilst cycling Year 2 pupils riding bikes on Bikeability Day

Year 2 Bikeability Day Year 2 pupils cycling on Bikeability Day 

Pupils covered essential cycling skills such as when and how to stop and start safely, how to cycle in a straight line, and how to follow one another.  The pupils all thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic session and came away having improved their cycling skills!

Year 2 boy laughing whilst cycling Year 2 boy riding his bike

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