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Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: June 10th 2021

Lower Sixth Leadership Day Teambuilding

On Thursday 27th and Friday 28th May, Lower Sixth students took part in a leadership course which aimed to prepare us for being at top of the school when we move into the Upper Sixth next year.

The course was kicked off by a discussion on presentations from public speaking expert Eric Dixon, who also invited us to practice presenting our ISP projects, followed by a session on team communication from C-me Colour Profiling’s Mark Herbert. The highlight of the first day came just before lunch, when we took part in team-building activities out on Lower Green that tested some of the skills we had learned that morning.

Lower Sixth Leadership Day Teambuilding (2) Lower Sixth Leadership Day Picnic

Friday morning saw us with our HouseMasters and Mistresses, discussing leadership roles and acting out role plays which prepared us for dealing with a range of situations within the House. We were then given the opportunity to present to the Governors, offering us a chance to express ideas for changes that could be made to improve the school, whilst also putting into practice the public speaking skills we had learnt on Thursday.

Lower Sixth Leadership Day Picnic with Governors Lower Sixth Leadership Day Catering Staff 

Lower Sixth Leadership day Picnic with Head

The course, and indeed the half term, came to a close with a picnic organised by the catering staff, whereby we could both network with the Governors and enjoy sandwiches and cake!

*Photos taken and article written by the Lower Sixth Marketing Team

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